My Current Work

(I believe that the bigger threat of human extinction comes from humans themselves, not from a rogue AI;
AI may actually help us understand our human condition better and become better humans;
finding ways to accomplish this has become the main theme of my current work)
ai blue dot

A short page about my motivation to develop I try to explain how the notes taken while I was working on strictly technical AI projects became a full-fledged website with 18 articles.


A short note on the non-profit organization I founded in 2022. And a description of its mission to work on initiatives that will focus on using AI to strengthen democratic institutions. There are technical, not just ideological reasons, for why democratic institutions are better suited to solve the AI alignment problem.

Books by Adrian Zidaritz

I published two series, one on Formal Software Development, and the other being the material on AI Blue Dot in book form. A common thread in all my work is that AI regulation will eventually have to have a formal aspect. That means a lot of mathematical logic.

Math & AI

Notes on the hugely consequential interaction between Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.