My Current Work

(I believe that the bigger threat of human extinction comes from humans themselves, not from a rogue AI;
AI may actually help us understand our human condition better and become better humans;
finding ways to accomplish this has become the main theme of my current work)

This is the place where most of what I have to say technically resides. AI is misunderstood by non-specialists; it has either been hyped up or watered down in the media, with ease. That ease concerns me, because AI is truly important. It will fundamentally change the way our children and grandchildren will live their lives. So I want to share my view of AI with the reader, and how AI may affect the reader's own life.


SD-AI is a nonprofit I founded and through which I hope we can make some contribution to shoring up our democratic institutions using AI techniques. When it comes to democratic institutions, AI is a double-edged sword. One edge cuts negatively, on elections, on social media, and on the general political discourse in the US. But the other edge has large potential benefits and we are not the only ones to notice it. Other organizations have sprung up lately and it is very likely we will merge with them soon.

Books by Adrian Zidaritz

I published two series, one on Formal Software Development, and the other being the material on AI Blue Dot in book form. A common thread in all my work is that AI regulation will eventually have to have a formal aspect. That means a lot of mathematical logic.

Math & AI

There is one subject that has continuously preoccupied me and now I found a place for it on this personal website. It is the interaction between AI and mathematics. This interaction is full of wonderful eyebrow-raising results. More importantly perhaps, proving that AI satisfies formal regulations needs this interaction and there are practical consequences of this in SD-AI

On Substack

My substack titled "AI, Democracy, and Human Values" has articles about the interaction between these three topics. I use the substack as an incubator of ideas.

On Medium

My place on Medium. There is only one article there so far. As opposed to my Substack, these articles will be more political and punchier. And more controversial ... haha!