Original: 01/10/23
Revised: No

About SD-AI

(Following is the mission statement from the front page of SD-AI (Stronger Democracy through Artificial Intelligence),
an organization I founded in 2022.)

Our mission is based on two assumptions and one observation. First assumption is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect society and our planet in deeper and broader ways than any technology before it, leading to potentially hellish or heavenly outcomes. Second assumption is that democratic institutions are better suited than autocratic ones to steer AI towards the good outcomes. The one observation is that current democracies are focused primarily on one direction, namely on regulating AI. This is necessary, but it is not sufficient. SD-AI is a non-profit organization working on initiatives that will focus on the other direction, namely on how to use AI to strengthen democratic institutions. In other words, our emphasis is on the technical, not on the legal.