When we look at a painting, we see both content and style. Some research has been conducted into how this human capability of separating and mixing content and style can be recreated with Artificial Intelligence. Here I showcase a particular class of algorithms, based on convolutional neural networks, which can separate content and style, and recombine content with perhaps a different style. If this interests you, the technical details are in the paper
A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style.

Below you will see a photo taken at my daughter Hannah's wedding, which is re-styled with various other styles. Here I indulge though and I look at style with a very wide lens; for example, I include the style of drawings done by kids, or quite generally, the style exhibited by any other image. In the top left corner of each image, you will see the style that was used to create the image.

Adrian Zidaritz, father of the bride   Father of the bride (Hannah)
Adrian Zidaritz, rendered in Pablo Picasso style   Pablo Picasso
Adrian Zidaritz, rendered in style of an abstract tree   Abstract tree
  Siberian husky
  Grandkids drawing
Adrian Zidaritz, rendered in a graffiti style   Graffiti
  Vincent Van Gogh
  Georges Braque

(and now that I have my tux on, it's time for some serious classical ...)