There are times in life when you cannot stand by. This is one of those times. I will leave this 1-minute clip here until November 3.

Adrian Zidaritz

Adrian Zidaritz

This is my personal website. For some of the work I do now, please refer to the AI Blue Dot website. I have retired, and so I am re-structuring this site in a more informal way. I wrote this version in May of 2020.

I am trying to combine some more personal impressions with two sections about my work, so I don't have to split the information off into two different sites. The more personal impressions are reached via the "4 family & friends" button below or the menu item at the top. Many of these impressions are around my hobby of landscaping and some travel I have done. They may look a bit braggy, but I intend them to be more of a record of the things I enjoyed doing.

I am also using this personal page to answer briefly some questions about my current AI work before sending the reader off to the AI Blue Dot website. A large percentage of what I have to say, technically or philosophically, is on that website. AI is really misunderstood by non-specialists; it has either been hyped up or watered down in the media, with ease. That ease alarms me, because AI is truly important. It will fundamentally change the way our kids and grandkids will live their lives. I cannot at this moment find any better usage of my unstructured time than trying to say in simple words what AI is about, and how it may affect the reader's own life.

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