Adrian Zidaritz

Adrian Zidaritz

In 2024 I started to write on Substack and on Medium. My personal website is here and links to my social profiles are at the bottom of this page.

Most of my current work is now at, where I pitched my tent since the end of 2021. is an expansion of the technical notes I accumulated about Artificial Intelligence during my career.

My Amazon author profile is here. Two of the books are adaptations of to book form. The other two books are wrappers around the Formal Software Development program I wrote in 2011, one a student manual and the other a set of presentation slides for instructors.

The description of the Active Firewall, the system of which I am a co-inventor, is on the Google Patents site and also on the Justia Patents site.

Right below are an email address which you may use if interested in exchanging ideas about the AI topics on aibluedot, and a video about the contents of aibluedot. Replace with in the email below, if you are interested in communicating with me about issues related to that organization.